How to Tell and Make Your Ex Want You Back

The lingering signs your ex wants you back are often hard to ignore. A breakup that didn’t exactly come to a proper conclusion can sometimes leave one or both parties wondering whether the relationship actually achieved some closure or perhaps there’s still a chance for the romantic flame to be rekindled one way or another. Anyone that has ever grappled with the perplexing thought that their ex might still be interested in reviving and repairing a dilapidated relationship has to keep in mind that they are trudging either a potentially perilous or possible rewarding path back into the arms of their estranged lover. Here are clues that can mean the difference between reigniting a previous relationship and moving on to new romantic ventures.

1. The relics of the relationship are still pretty much alive
When it’s over, it’s really over; which is why fully severing ties with an ex also involves disposing what used to be meaningful and sentimental tokens and keepsakes of a love that was once full-fledged and flourishing. The same goes for memorable experiences and residual feelings; it’s absolutely imperative for the newly single to get over their past lover so that they can heal and eventually move on with their life and even take another chance at finding love. If the complete opposite is the case then an ex lover is probably not yet over their ex partner and the relationship. To a person that desires to win back the affection of their ex these tangible and non-tangible reminders are likely not a source of pain but inspiration.

2. An ex that finds ways to keep in touch
A constant stream of SMS, instant messages and social networking posts that make it seem as if the relationship never ended in the first place are obvious signs your ex wants you back. If the feeling is mutual then there’s cause for celebration; otherwise, it’s best to steer clear even if it means being unresponsive to an ex’s romantic innuendos. There is probably more to an ex phoning for no apparent reason too. A person that wants to maintain a connection in spite of an obsolete romantic link might just be waiting quietly to make their move or sizing up their chances of a relationship reincarnation.

3. A former lover that’s still around
Men and women are wired to forge advantageous unions in order to survive; and in Evolutionary Anthropology there’s a concept called ‘mate guarding’ that ensures lovers are not led astray by wandering eyes (and hands) and stay focused on their primary partners. If an ex is still hanging around and keeping their erstwhile partner company, chances are they might still be keeping their hands on their former flame and letting the rest of the world know that they’re off limits to other potential prospects. Of all the signs your ex wants you back this is the most obvious and aggressive, so if these feelings are shared it’s a chance for former lovers to pick up where they left off and perhaps start all over again.

How to Fix Broken Relationships

It’s never too late to apply the necessary steps on how to fix a relationship so long as the romantic flame is still flickering. Star-crossed lovers and starry-eyed couples desire relationship bliss, but when the relationship beacon starts becoming faint, faltering or stagnating they are bound to get a rude awakening that a fairytale romance doesn’t just work themselves out like storybook happy ending. The initial stages of any relationship are a site to behold; this is the period when memorable relationship milestones, such as the first kiss or the first exchanges of I love you happen. All too often couples get caught up in the whirlwind; a flourishing partnership tends to engulf itself. As a relationship progresses over time speed bumps are likely to get in the way that can either throw a couple off track or create friction that can adversely affect the longevity of their romantic union.

Here are 3 crucial points that couples need to comprehend so that they can overcome the odds and fortify their loving bond.

1. Romantic bliss and a shared reality
Both men and women in general are deeply imbued with fanciful and lofty ideas about love and romance that starts in childhood. Literature, pop culture and mass media stimulate the mind and the heart to seek the company and bond with the opposite sex, while cultivating in single men and women characteristics and skills necessary in taking an ordinary heterosexual friendship to the next level. While it takes a lot of faith and ample imagination to cross that threshold separating friendship and romantic partnership, it requires a lot of honesty and openness to sustain a loving bond. Once partners see one another in a different light; a woman’s pet peeves happen to be her partner’s bad habits, or a man’s disinterest in certain activities might be his lover’s favorite past times. Only an earnest acceptance of each other’s individuality allows both a man and a woman to reconcile their differences, celebrate their unique attributes and not sweat the small stuff.

2. Growth, evolution and revolution
It’s not uncommon for many couples to go through periods of ennui, rough patches or simply get stuck in a relationship rut past the so-called 18-month ‘honeymoon’ mark. Although problems in the love nest arise now and then, both parties have to keep in mind that they might want to consider applying aggressive measures on how to fix a relationship once their delicate situation starts feeling like a dead-end job. True love is not an occupation where one is the boss and the other merely a subordinate; often relationship crises stem from wide disparities in outlook, beliefs and values, and the ensuing misery of staying in a relationship a result of one infringing upon the frustrated needs and expectations of the other. A loving relationship is a mutual and reciprocal partnership that takes into consideration the desires and wellbeing of both parties involved. The best way to get past complacency and boredom is for couples to try new and challenging experiences that would give them a chance to reconnect and navigate a fresh path for their relationship together. This can be as simple as cooking a new recipe together in the kitchen or as death-defying as taking sky diving lessons. The important is, couples see themselves through the bad times towards more promising ventures that can steer their relationship into a more positive direction.

3. Commitment to each other and the relationship
No matter how physically, emotionally, and mentally compatible a man and a woman are to one other, a couple should not merely rest on their laurels and risk fostering a false sense of relationship security. It’s not a surprise that the happiest couples are the ones that put a joint and concerted effort cultivating their relationship in the face of work deadlines, stress, daily commutes, chores, children, and taxes. These are enlightened loving partners that don’t fail to appreciate their lover’s magical presence in their lives yet relentlessly pursue ways to enrich and strengthen the bond that both of them intend to last for the long term. Couples that nurture each other and their romantic bond are more likely to know how to fix a relationship whenever obstacles or problems crop up.

The Importance of the Glycemic Index Food List

Carrying a few extra pounds can spell disaster in the long run. Medical studies have shown that being obese can trigger the onslaught of various diseases, diabetes being one of the major effects.

According to the most recent National Diabetes Fact Sheet released by the American Diabetes Association last January 2011, about 8.3% of the total United States population in 2010 have been diagnosed or is currently suffering from diabetes at varying degrees. In fact, about 18.8 million have already been positively diagnosed and another 79 million have been categorized as being in the pre-diabetes stage. Studies show that those in this state have a higher possibility of their conditions turning into full blown diabetic diseases.

Diabetes is no laughing matter. Once one is diagnosed, it never leaves and stays with the person throughout his lifetime. This illness, if left unchecked, consequently leads to instances of heart diseases and possibly stroke; instances of high blood pressure; and more often than not, blindness. Not only that, health maintenance through constant medication can also become a heavy financial burden to sufferers and their families.

With society becoming more and more conscious of their overall health and well-being, its no wonder that supplements and exercise equipment have been selling like hotcakes. As they say prevention is definitely better than cure. So why not nip the problem at the bud, before the initial symptoms even manifest itself?

Some believe that with proper and constant exercise alone, one can already be assured of a healthy body, not taking into consideration the junk they consume everyday. However, having a balance meal and choosing the right food is also detrimental in ensuring good health. One should take note of the glycemic index food list to further help them understand how the everyday nutritional choices they make affect their bodies in the long term.

What exactly is the glycemic index food list?

The glycemic index (GI) measures the effects of various carbohydrates on a person’s blood sugar level. Developed by Dr. David Jenkins and his University of Toronto colleagues in the early 1980s, they determined that food full of carbohydrates and that break down quickly during digestion are released more quickly into the bloodstream. These items they classified as having high GI levels. On the other hand, food that are break down more slowly and are gradually released into the bloodstream have lower GI rates.

Those suffering from diabetes have been advised to constantly be aware of their food’s glycemic index level. Foods that rate lower in the index usually equate to lower insulin demand and may improve one’s blood glucose control in the long run. Foods that rate high in the GI scale causes a faster rise in blood glucose levels, hence is recommended for energy recovery after a strenuous workout or for a person who is suffering from hypoglycemia.

Items located in the glycemic index food list can be classified into three levels. First is low or those with a GI range of 55 or less. Most fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains are classified under this level. Whole wheat products, basmati rice and sweet potato are under the medium or those having GI levels between 56 to 69. Foods that rate high in the GI index, or those with a rating of 70 and above, include baked potatoes, white bread and some breakfast cereals.

Taking note of the glycemic index food list can help everyone, not only diabetics, in living a healthy lifestyle. Coupled with proper exercise, there is no reason why one cannot enjoy life to the fullest.

How to Tell She is Cheating on Me

Any guy that has been plagued by the irritating question ‘Is my girlfriend cheating on me?’ know all too well how nagging thoughts about a partner’s loyalty and dedication to a committed relationship can be particularly perplexing. From harmless flirtation with other males to downright deception and relationship infidelity, many guys find females very difficult to read and their significant other’s fluctuating girlfriend vibe tricky to decipher. In many cases a lot of men can be totally unaware of or utterly clueless on certain behavior or situations that are likely signs that their primary partner has been straying from the love nest, and before they know it, not only has their girlfriend’s indiscretion left them emotionally distraught and crushed, they could also be left mentally scarred from being hoodwinked by someone they deeply cared for and trusted.

Here are 5 signs that can mean the difference between romantic bliss and inevitable breakup.

1. She’s suddenly a happy (or sappy) camper
A guy has to imagine what the relationship equivalent of a midlife crisis might be relative to his significant other and if there are a lot of eerie coincidences, such as a sudden head-to-foot makeover or voracious interest in top-shelf romance novels or cheesy movies, chances is she is fueling emotions and desires that perhaps aren’t mutual to both parties. If a guy isn’t ‘feeling’ the love from these overt displays of seduction, it’s likely that his partner is broadcasting her feminine wiles in the direction of another man.

2. She’s bringing up ‘the talk’ more often
There’s nothing more unnerving and rattling to guys than when girls make the ‘Let’s talk’ opening gambit. Suffice it to say, women are more than forthcoming when it comes to expressing their feelings and opinions in order to get their needs and expectations from a relationship met. There probably isn’t more to her penchant for a heart-to-heart than the desire for loving affirmation from the man in the relationship; but if the thought ‘Is my girlfriend cheating on me’ also happens to occur at such junctures, guys might want to take serious consideration of their gut instinct. What may seem to be an innocuous list of feminine grievances might actually be veiled ultimatums or implicit declarations that she has already been exploring her options with other potential partners.

3. She’s being too paranoid or cynical
If the girlfriend starts being painfully difficult to be with then there’s probably trouble in relationship paradise. A woman who is suddenly on the offense and harping on and complaining about trivial matters or essentially picking fights for no apparent reason with her male counterpart or being unfairly accusatory, is likely masking guilt and projecting that to her boyfriend.

4. She’s clingy too
Talk about bipolar, one time she wants to duke it out and bust the boyfriend’s chops, and then bam she’s being ‘motherly’ and doting. It’s possible that her largely inconsistent and ambiguous behavior is a psychological defense mechanism designed to conceal an ongoing clandestine affair. She’s either creating a decoy or diversion so that her indiscretions would go undetected, or she’s preparing to soften the blow in the event she gets found out.

5. She’s stealthing
As much as guys in general sometimes shudder at being compelled to hear women out and participate in emotionally-charged dialogues with their girlfriends, they might want to re-evaluate their position lest the girlfriend begins looking for other male conversation partners. A woman that is potentially carrying on a relationship with another man is likely using technology in the form of SMS or instant messaging to mediate her affair and fly under the boyfriend radar. Men need ask themselves ‘Is my girlfriend cheating on me?’ especially if their lady is spending inordinate amounts of time online or with their mobile phone instead of quality time with their significant other.

Best and Fastest Way to Get a Six Pack

If you are looking for something like six pack abs then you should definately concentrate on a lot more than just exercising. Although this is the best thing to do, a lot of people actually forget that there is a lot more that is attached to them. You are required to have a daily schedule for your diet and exercise at the same time. Six packs require you to have toned body that will help you to make the packs visible. Somethings that you will have to keep out of your life are junk food and sweeties. You will have to keep a check on your calorie in take at all times.

There are a lot of things that you can do in order to get the six pack abs and the first step toward the same should be to get your self examined. This is required so that you don’t get serious injuries that you might get in the course of getting the kind of body that you have been looking for. You should be prepared for everything. Once you get a checkup done your physician will be able to inform you about the things that you should avoid doing. The next step is to get a trainer who will be able to guide you in a proper way. However, you will have to remember one thing all the time that is there is no shortcut to success.

You can try and talk to people who have been able to get the abs that you desire to get. They will be able to help you in the best possible way as they have already crossed the lane that you are about to enter. You can also conduct a little research on internet so that you know a little more about the dos and don’ts.

Maintaining a proper schedule is necessary for you at all times and if you think that you will not be able to provide yourself with a lot of extra time then you should start to incorporate them in your daily schedule. For example if you are unable to take out extra 30 mins everyday for cycling you can go to the office on a bicycle rather than driving. You are just required to think out of the box.

You might not even require expensive equipment to get the best body shape as there are certain exercises that exist that would only require you to concentrate of s a few things to get you going. It is important that at no given point in time you forget that in order to get the perfect body shape you are required to have a healthy body. You are not required to stop eating; however, what you are required to do is to get rid of the food that is unable to provide you any benefits. Take a lot of proteins and vitamins that will help you get strong muscles and will even help you be away from the high calorie food.